A New Era Tips Off!

Cleveland 95 – Boston 87
Best first game of a season ever!

  • JJ Hickson and Varejao played strong from start to finish.
  • Anthony Parker hit some big shots and was a leader throughout, talking to his young teammates in every huddle.
  • I’m glad Booby got it going. He came out ice cold (missing his first eight shots) but didn’t let it phase him and helped lead the way to a win with 16 points, 5 assists, and 3 rebounds in the second half.
  • Jamario Moon did what he’ll do every game. A couple of threes and contributing his long arms, hustle, and strong passion on defense.
  • Ryan Hollins played an impressive game with 10 points, 4 rebounds, and a lot of energy in 16 minutes.
  • Antawn Jamison had a quiet game, and didn’t play the last 5 minutes, but I could see him being used more than he was used tonight. He’s 34 now so perhaps we should expect some decline, but he was always the most consistent player for Washington (much more so than Gilbert Arenas or Caron Butler) when they lost to the Cavs year after year after year in the playoffs. He averaged 21.5 points and 9.5 rebounds in 16 playoff games against a tough Cleveland defense. He can get it done.
  • Speaking of Defense, the new-look Cavs were no slouches in Game 1, holding the Celtics to 14 fourth quarter points.

Thank you Byron Scott. I am so excited about what you can teach these guys over the course of the season (and in the postseason?).

Yes, it’s only the first game, but Boston is no joke of a team to beat and the Cavs should get better. Mo Williams will get back on the court. Ramon Sessions and Ryan Hollins will get better with playing time. Coach will put new plays in the offensive arsenal, and the team will have an opprtunity to get to know one another and build on their chemistry.

Thank you Dan Gilbert. Thanks for buying the team and committing to Cleveland.

Cleveland is now free of the curse!
In his Decision-night letter, Gilbert wrote:
The self-declared former “King” will be taking the “curse” with him down south.
The Browns are going to keep getting better. The Cavs are going to keep getting better.
It’s an exciting new era – are you ready?

Let’s! Go! Cavs!

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  1. Matt says:

    Cavs > Celtics > Heat

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