Young Guys

As a supporting cast for LeBron, Shaq, Jamison, and Anthony Parker were veterans that made the Cavs a team favored to win the championship.

Now starting on a different path, it’d be great to see the Cavs go in a younger direction. Jamison will be a solid part of the team this year, but young guys are the future. Let’s build out and coach up this young athletic team and see who blossoms.

“Rebounds, turnovers and even made baskets, we’re going to try to run off all of them,” said new head coach Byron Scott. “The main thing is guys are making a conscious effort to get up and down the floor.”

I liked the idea by the Cavs signing Kyle Lowry. Unfortunately, most players available are restricted free agents and their teams can match the offer, like Houston did with Lowry. While the Cavs will continue to explore all free agent and trade options, here’s our current lineup:

Point Guard: Mo Williams / Sebastian Telfair
Shooting Guard: Boobie Gibson / Danny Green
Small Forward: Antawn Jamison / Jamario Moon
Power Forward: JJ Hickson / Christian Eyenga
Center: Andy Varejao / Leon Powe (*Need more size, see below)

Average age without Jamison or Moon: 24
If we resign Jawad Williams and Tarence Kinsey who were on the team last year, they are 27 and 26.

We know JJ has athletic talent, we know Boobie can shoot the ball, we know Andy brings nonstop energy and a commitment to the boards. They don’t have to become superstars – if just one or two of these other young guys can develop under Byron Scott to become comparable to a Hedo Turkoglu or Marcus Camby, and the Cavs keep drafting or signing additional young talent to join them, we’ll find our group of talented young men that make the Cavaliers a feared playoff foe.

Boston wouldn’t be in such a strong position if their young PG Rondo (draft pick #21) hadn’t blossomed into a major NBA player. The Spurs wouldn’t have a dynasty if not for Tony Parker (draft pick #28) and Manu Ginobli (draft pick #57).

It would be great to add some height/strength to the team – would be nice to keep Shaq so if we make the playoffs as the 6th, 7th, or 8th seed we can let him pound on Dwight Howard or Chris Bosh for 20-25 minutes. We could also have him star in some funny pro-Cleveland videos, perhaps poking fun at LeBron by voicing a character who really truly cares very strongly about his hometown.

The Final Word, from JJ Hickson: “‘Bron was a great player, but he didn’t do it by himself. He had four other players on the court with him. I see my role expanding greatly. ‘Two-three’ is gone. Everybody else has to step up, and I’m ready for that. Players are traded or move on every year. I didn’t pay much attention to it. It’s unfortunate. But we have to move on. I’m out here playing with a lot of confidence. At the end of the day, we have a good team, a playoff-contending team and we’re going to get it done.”

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  1. Yet, before free agency and before these headline trades in Los Angeles, there was the NBA Draft. Yes, the Lakers have a long established record of obtaining low draft picks and have a tendency of either not utilizing the picks or trading them away to other teams as a part of trade packages.

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